Docker for beginners

Dmytro Naumenko

Yii core team, HiQDev

I'm a DevOps


  • Why do we need something else?
  • What is Docker?
  • Trying it out
  • Tips and tricks
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Петр Быстрокодин
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Software does not work in vacuum

Except you are in space


Your basic web app requires:

  • Web server (Nginx, Apache)
  • PHP
  • SQL DBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL)

A few steps forward add:

  • NoSQL DBMS (ElasticSearch, Redis)
  • Message broker (RabbitMQ)
  • Cache
  • WebSocket

Dependencies! 😡

You develop 2 projects.
They require:

  • different configurations of the same dependency
  • different versions of the same dependency

It steals your time!

Estimate the price of adding new PHP extension

Deployment and scaling

It would be good to have

  • Ubiquitous dev, staging and prod environment
  • Persistent environment configuration shipping
  • Fast deploy
  • Easy manage

Let's start our first app

What happened?

  • PHP image downloaded
  • Container created
  • php -v executed
  • Container stopped and removed




Virtual Machine (VM)

  • Emulates everything around.
  • Starts from a system image.
  • Supports different Guest OS on same host.
  • Takes time to boot.
  • Guest OS is not as efficient is Host


Same OS, same env, different apps

Virtual Environment (VE)

  • No emulation – uses host kernel containerization.
  • Fast start – only 50 ms
  • Can use layered file systems (Overlay2, AuFS).
  • Minimal performance impact.

Docker is an interface for containers management